Zero Impact Window Cleaners

Water purification for window cleaning
Pure Water Technology sets Let There Be Light Window Cleaning far ahead of our competition. After our initial visit to your property, we evaluate each property on an individual basis for the ability to maintain the window units during future visits. This process uses 100% purified water manufactured onsite to agitate the dirt, residue, and buildup from the glass and frames and rinse it away to the ground using very low pressure. The water is pumped from our truck to the water fed pole reaching up to six stories from the ground. The windows are washed and rinsed with a soft bristle brush, and then left to air-dry minutes later with a perfect spot-free shine.

We Clean Everything!

Another benefit of our pure water window cleaning services over traditional window cleaning is that traditional window cleaners will only clean the glass; the frames and sills are generally extra. With our pure water window cleaning system we clean your frames and sills as a standard part of our service for free! Why is this so important? Because if your frames and sills are not cleaned, when it rains the dirt from the frames will flow onto your clean windows, meaning windows which might have been cleaned yesterday will be dirty again tomorrow.

Why We Use Pure Water to Clean Windows

eco friendly grunge retro blue isolated ribbon stampMineral free water provides incredible cleaning action and spot free windows without using any chemicals that can hurt your landscaping, damage your paint and home, and pollute waterways. It keeps windows cleaner for a longer period of time, leaving no residue or build up on the surface.

As we are NOT using chemicals or soaps in our treatment of the water, you will find your windows will stay much cleaner for longer because the surface of the window has no residue, which may attract dirt particles. Let There Be Light Window Cleaning cleans the entire window casement, sill and glass surface to remove dirt particles. This is followed by a spot free ultra-pure water rinse. By cleaning window casements, sills, frames, and glass surfaces with this method you can expect a better cleaning result for a much longer of time.

For more information about our water purification process, or to schedule a FREE estimate, contact Let There Be Light Window Cleaning today at (970) 402-1840!